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The Relationship Between Facebook Backlinks and SEO

When you do ads, are you asking for likes or are you asking them to click to your site or both? Is a like better than a share? When I do ads, I first build up likes and then I send traffic to my websites boosting posts and making ads for them. A share is a better than a like in the eyes of Facebook. Their algorithm knows that when somebody shares something it must be something funny or important that you really believe is worth sharing. So for Facebook shares always have more value and reach than comments, and comments have more reach than likes.

Click to website ads are more expensive than likes. Is that right? Then how many likes is enough to start doing clickthroughs? And on a separate, but similar topic, one thing that I always found confusing is that for instance viralnova has tons of FB posts, the vast majority are clickbait headlines with a static photo, but sometimes they are videos. The videos you can watch without clicking through to their site, how are they monetizing that? Hello Lloyd. You can get traffic by doing both. When you build likes, you will get organic traffic, which is good.

As for the likes thing, you might be confusing 2 things.

Facebook posts may get ignored

Do you mean you build up Page Like first before even posting blog content on your page feed? Your passion for the stuff that you are writing really comes out through the quality of your posts, and the effort that you put in to reply to all the comments is infectious. Somewhere in the comment thread, you had mentioned that you had applied the same principles for an e-commerce site. The question that I have is how niche the topic has to be for it to be successful. For eg. Coming back to the e-commerce part, I plan on having a niche product site which is why I mentioned about that.

Hello kris, thanks for your comment. In this case, the more niche targeted your audience is, the better results you will have. Hundreds of affiliates and page owners are using this business strategy to grow their audiences. Spending 22 GBP is nothing compared to the thousands that are spent every single day in Facebook. I havent had a single click on my blog ads from using this method. But so what?

I can test how many clicks on the links i posted i get but, the main way to test the result is to see how much money the ad units on that blog are generating. So please rather than insulting my intelligence, as I can assure you i am one of the most highly educated people in this country, how about showing me what im doing wrong. Or maybe tell me what i should do next. This is your method I am using and its costing me. And NO, Facebook has a pretty weird algorithm where you actually need to have a lot of people to actually reach them with good numbers.

The minimum I recommended was 5k likes before posting links, but 10k likes is better. However, there are also a lot of factors outside of this strategy that you have to tune. I talk about the real reason behind the people who make it work or not and how to measure results in order to make it work in the second article.

Or… you can also not believe it and not do what I say. It just hurts yourself. They, of course, have spent a lot learning the ropes and taking action. Depends on your budget. Total: Less than a hundred bucks! Does it depend on niche? I mean I know that for good ad cpc you need to target high cpc keywords. But i dont think my niche is that…which is super heroes and entertainment. Yeah well. There are things you could skip initially to test, like having a blogger blog instead of paying for a domain and a host. As for the niche, yes, it is quite important. As for the ads, the key is to get a good CTR and you have to split test banners, sizes, colors, etc.

As for the posts, yes, they are related to the niche. It can be images google, pinterest and other networks are great sources to find hundreds of images enough to post for weeks , quotes, links to blogs, games, videos on Youtube, etc. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the likes you get in a Facebook likes campaign are mostly fake likes from click farms. You didnt find anything like this in german, so i am grateful that i found your blog.

After i read this article i tested it on my Page. Why would you want likes from countries like Egypt and Bangladesh? Launch campaigns in countries form Europe, America, etc. If the people in your page comment, like, etc. They are real. Hello Stefanos. You better check this article. Can you tell me the adress of this page? I was curious to see it, but the only one page i can find have only 2 fans. Hello Fredy. I was thinking about start a fanpage same as this one for sell some shirts so i try to apply your strategy. Then I want to drive likes ti my site using Facebook banner ads, can i take screenshots from the tv show or pictures of the actors and use them in the image ad?

I tried your tutorial to get cheap likes to my Facebook Page. How do i bring this down? I then selected interests based on android, mobiles, apps etc…. I only used Google search and got hundreds of images download to my computer for that. Getting good images is a hard work and it requires a few hours per month at least. Sometime syou can repeat the old ones that had very good interaction too, or make your own.

How many of such niche sites with Face Book Fan Pages can you keep going at once, assuming a typical 40 hour work week, or part-time, perhaps? How much time do you put into the whole system, to create it, and then to maintain it? How much money money do you think such sites are likely to make per month and year, once they get established? I realize this is a range and often an estimate, and there are no guarantees. However if you make systems and schedule your posts, pages are very possible. Up to your niches and how much you scale them. In a niche which is popular but its something that I like.

So now I am going to pay to get people to like the page, as you stated, but when i tried the cost per like is way too much. Then i will post links to articles on my blog on this FB page. So i just wait till ive built up real likes? Have a look at this post where I explain the key to viral posts. No initially I was posting the links to my blogs on another page. I decided to create the other page on my own account that fitted in with the niche of the majority of my blog content, which is TV show reviews.

Muchas gracias. Hi Servando, In your example that you use on facebook. What happened to your page? Naruto Mejores Batallas? Can the website be broad but the Facebook page be niche pacific? Thank you Steve. I recently changed the name of the page and merged it with another to make it bigger and cover the whole anime niche. So I see this was updated on the 10th of this year but also see some of these results are back from Are these strategies still applicable for ?

Yes, most if this strategy works in Since you publish 5 post per day, how many of the did you boosted? I was just buying ads for likes and all the traffic was organic from the posts in the fan page without paying a cent. Nice stuff. And we both love Naruto! My website is not limited about him though.

Hoping a good result inch by inch.. Hi Servando, thanks for the article. I am running a fanpage likes campaign right now, and although so far I am getting likes for around. In 24 hrs. Wondering if you can tell me if I am doing something wrong. The niche is funny pets and animal pics. Not sure if I am making the mistake that you described in the beginning of your article about having too many images under one ad. I think I have one ad set, with 7 ads in the ad set.

I am targeting 24 English speaking developing countries. The interests that I picked were funny pets, funny animals,funny dogs,funny cats, cute animals,cute dogs, cute cats, in that type of manner. After selecting those interests, it looked like Facebook was saying there was an audience reach of like k so I figured that is plenty of reach to get a good volume of likes, am I correct in assuming that?

If that is the case, why am I not getting any volume? It looks like only 3 of my ads are getting any activity.

Facebook SEO Guide - 15 Tips For Your Fan Page

Would totally appreciate it if you could take a look at it and let me know if you see something that I am doing wrong. However, you can achieve better results than the ones shown here. Can you help how to do it? My country is cheaper than india.. Can you give an example how to target? Thanks, best regards. I just launched a campaign on Facebook. How you managed to get a like in a penny? Amazing article. I am experimenting with Facebook ads right now. Can you tell me which country you targeted that gave you these results? It would be of great help in me trying to replicate the results.

This works in every country. I have done this is latin american countries, in USA, Europe and some others.

Facebook SEO - Most Powerful Facebook SEO Strategy

I was wondering about your Naruto site, if I wanted to do Adsense in the anime niche like you, would screen grabs from the anime be alright to post on my own website? I made back what I spent on the ads within 2 weeks. After that it was all profit while promoting several services and things around the niche in the fan page. I decided to sell it a few months later but I have done this process several times already. Okay thank you silva so i think you promoted cpa offers of a website that offer you to watch all the episodes of naruto or did you do something else? I was promoting the Crunchyroll service and a few things from Amazon and Teespring.

Not CPA offers. I have reading for it more than 2 hour and im really enjoy it. As a beginner it helps me a lot and gave me so much brave to continue this way. I have 2 things are confusing here: 1. Do we need to register a company for a facebook business advertising account? I heard that is not really to run a ad account with credit card, easy to be blocked. Is there any way to sell the fb pages and niche website? Like, how to find the buyer? Selling is forbidden but you can always find buyers on forums or searching those keywords on Facebook. Thanks for your reply Silva.

Is that means I can register a business manager by myself or I need to find a third fb agency to do it for me? Bcz I got some news that we can only register the business manager at the fb agency.

#2: Make it Easy to Share Your Content to Facebook on Your Website

And each time need to top up at least dollar in the account. But actually I tried to registered by myself already. You can do it all by yourself. Now I have a Facebook page with 10k fans. The topic is about the funny jokes. I wanna start with affiliate. When I post the articles in fb the reach rate will goes so low.

Could u please teach us more about affiliate? Like introduce some more platform and how to play it with fb with a good result. Jokes are not really a very targeted niche and in my opinion it could be difficult to monetize with affiliate networks so Adsense might be your best choice. As for the articles reach, it will depend a lot on your engagement but ultimately using Ads to reach more people with your links is a better strategy nowadays.

If I Earn with Adsense is that means a website is needed? I searched onlion lots of people are saying cannot use Adsense on Facebook anymore.. Any good suggestion about earn money with Facebook pages? Yes, you always needed a website to send your traffic there. That was never possible.

Cracking Facebook SEO – Optimization Tips That Win Higher Page Rankings

Thankx for sharing such a nice information. After getting inspiration from you , i am thinking to make niche website. No one usually share their experience as you do. Tengo unas dudas: en tu sitio de facebook que tipo de links compartes para ganar dinero? Servando, una consulta: Como le haces para llegar a pagar 0. Have you mentioned the site or blog name in your fb page about me?

Please give me a clarity so, I can work step by step for this. PS: My blog is all about beauty and fashion. I am going to read it all agin to understand if anything I am missing. Hello Sunny. Yes, I post the articles in the FB page so you can funnel your traffic to your website. I actually show a few examples if the link posts in this article if you want to check it again.

Quien es Kim??? Por otro lado, vas bien. Really thank you. SEO guides written these days are scams most of them Keep writing straight to the point and working guides! Hey Saar. I am currently creating a site myself, but I am still new to online marketing.

My niche is online dating restricted to germany , but I have the problem, that online dating is a shady business and also much other online marketing niches, where people are constantly fooled and information is distorted. Moreover I dont rly like the dating niche myself and I dont have so much expertise. But I kinda love some animes or games, but I am still not sure if u can live from that. I kinda like Naruto but there are animes i like more but have not that much of a fanbase like Psycho Pass, Baby Steps, … Do you think that it may be worth to create a fanpage about such small niche animes and monetize it in a proper way?

Thanks again for the great posts. I finally tried this out yesterday and today with 2 different fanpages. Facebook says my add is being served to several hundred people per day, but my CTR for different ads is between 0. Is this horribly low? Set to run for a couple of days, I was also quite specific i think with demographics and targeting etc. A CTR of 0. They also show a very high engagement with their site. But I am not able to replicate this. My CPR is 7. When you say to improve the CTR, what exactly should I be focusing on? You need to get that up. Hey Servando… do you know what the copyrights are for celebrity images and where to get them from?

The problem is, if my website is new, how will I get the approval from Google Adsense? Or what other options do I have at the beginning? You just need content that fits their rules and the site must not be new. You can look for some adsense alternatives on Google though. And after how long did you apply for google adsene for your niche website? Of course, I will start a new one for this experiment, but I was worried that I would get rejected again, any advice? Im totally your fan now, after reading this. I think that i will try dropshipping with this technique! I targeted USA only. Which countries should i target in order to get this numbers?

Useful information. Lucky me I found your web site by chance, and I am shocked why this coincidence did not happened in advance! I bookmarked it. Oh my goodness! This post is ballistic! Thank you so much for sharing this, such great information. Question: I am well versed in making sites on squarespace and have never really gotten to grips with wordpress yet. In your honest opinion, for this type of strategy, does it matter which platform I use?

Hi Gyains. Is this information still valid in March ? I want to implement these techniques but wonder if the methods are still valid. Hello Shaun. This method still works very well in Not bad at all. What is the best way to make money with my FB page? Hello Merle. Mylikes pays a good amount per visit. You could also link shorten to other websites and make money with adfly, shorte, etc. Also, if your fans are inside an specific niche, you could sell them T Shirts or Amazon products.

Are you no longer following the strategy you outlined in this article? If not, what has changed on FB to make you stop this strategy? Hello James. Nothing has changed for that page. Hi Servando… I tried the experiment you propose on this post a few months ago and worked fairly well. Now I am trying to replicate it with another FB page. However i cant find the option to pay per impressions. Do you know something about this? FB has changed the wording on their Ads lately.

Do they offer better or worse ROI in your experience? I read your article and I am willing to start this kind of website. I realize I am kind of 6 months later and that is not such a good business as it used to be but I think I will learn a lot about fadds. Also I will add some powerfull twitter accounts I can use. Just a quick question. All your facebook adds are to get likes to your fan page. Is there any reason why you do not use the option boost post in one of the post with a link to your website?

Hello Bruno. For this experiment, the idea was to get at least 10k fans before boosting posts. Sorry Servando. I am reading your whole blog and I mistake the place of the comment. I mean if boosting post would be usefull for a viral blog fan page not for this very targeted Naruto blog Could it be considered as buying traffic and get your adsense account baned?

Con Adsense todo es un volado. Gracias Servando. Al final tuviste un problema con adsense no? Supiste identificar la causa? CTR muy alto? So, what is your suggestion or technique for me to promote a fanpage like a Naruto page using FB ads? The same I used here. Hello Adriano. It worked a few years ago, when you wanted to show social proof, but nowadays you just kill your Fan Page and the overall reach with fake likes. Sorry you spent that much on a test. It will be a lot more difficult.

A general site will receive less engagement and less traffic too. Hi, nice article! Could you post links to them? Hey Nicolas. Most people start with organic search engine traffic. Do you have some budget to spend on ads? Otherwise, focus on organic for sure! Yeah i have a budget something like 20 dollars for the first time…if it worked ill spend more next month ….

Since i am just a blogger i am not selling anything then what i am supposed to advertise? I never get it. Hi, you can always monetize with ad platforms like Adsense and other alternatives! If you want something free, then focus on SEO which is not totally free anyway and building relationships by guest posting and comments. But it will take you several months. Hi, amazing site! Thanks very much for your reply.

No Tricia. No issues at all. However, some people have issues when using images for Ads, especially in the sports and celebrities niche. Be careful there. Hello salvado!! I am really very inspired from your blog and its traffic …. Great post Servando! I really impressed from your site traffic. I have a few questions: 1. Google adwords is better or not? Facebook ads, Should promoting url is better or getting fans is better? I want to ask some question related to SEO. I have a blog blog[dot]softdevsol[dot]. I am writing on it.

Not for this case. And Adwords is really difficult for affiliates. At the first stage, you want to buy likes. About the SEO, I have a great guide for my subscribers on how to increase your rankings and traffic. Servando, como estas? Hoy conoci tu sitio, de manera organica. Vivo en Argentina. En referencia a este articulo, estoy con un par de campanas en facebook, las cuales me salen carisimas. Tu haces campanas para promocionar cada imagen que subes y una gral para conseguir mas Likes a tu fanpage? Que me conviene paa bajar el costo y tener mas interacciones? Hola Juan, muchas gracias!

Hola, gracias por responder! El CTR por ahora me resulta muy bajo, 1. Pero espero que se deba a que es muy nueva la campana y se ira acomodando. Sabes si en FB cambiar el presupuesto diario es tan sensible como en Adwords? Por otro lado, cuando haces links con comentarios como estos, siempre pones tu nombre no palabras claves no? Conoces otros lugares donde se puedan usar anchor texts sin problemas? Gracias nuevamente por tu tiempo. En Argentina, dependiendo del nicho, creo que peudes conseguirlos por 1 o 2 centavos cada uno. Cambiar el presupuesto de FB si es algo sensible.

I remember making a mistake and feeding google with lots of money within few hours in the beginning of my career. So you need to learn these stuffs and act smart. This is a real tough niche to monetize other than CPM.. You mention about selling the website. Is this possible because your main traffic source is only from facebook. Website buyers usually prefer website with organic traffic. And you should give them the Fan Page too.

Que tal amigo? Como estas? Yo estoy de acuerdo en posicionar websites en Google para hacer dinero mas rapido nimporta que el loco de Google penaliza mi sitio jajaja porque hay veces se toma mucho tiempo para posicionar una pagina y apenas Google cambia las cosas uno pierde todo asi que mejor hacer las cosas rapidamente jajaja. Te recomiendo este curso en base a lo que me acabas de decir: SEOPlatino. I just realized that I have been on your blog for over 2 continuous hours in my very first visit as I mentioned in another post I am new to this place. AHhh you got me dude. I am loving your posts.

Great job! Already learnt a lot and surely going to learn more and more from you. It will automatically grab the image and text from your post. Hola Servando. Y que tan seguido hay que postear en el blog? Hola Gaston. Wow, this article was a super read. I have a question though, when you talk about picking a country. Are you suggesting to pick a country other than the US? And if so why?

One of the blogs I run with my husband would probably only work in the US because the niche is homeschooling and not a lot of countries beside the US are allowed to homeschool. Hello Jus. Hello Your posts are all so well written. I have become addicted to them from the first day i found your website. I can see you are making some decent cash with facebook and affiliate offers.

Now i have a page with k fans? How do i monetize this page…i also have a website which is a bit new two months which is getting around uniques from facebook only? How do i monetize…WHere can i get this trial offers affiliate programs? Hi Dedan. Thanks for your quick reply.. I did! Hi, I was searching for a good article showing the exact method for creation of a great facebook ad…I can say…that yes I found the exact method within your article. You are great in the eyes of Google as well…. Thats a great news too. I was thinking to do auto posting of WordPress posts to Facebook page and just focus on the growing facebook fanpage alongwith some interaction with my fanpage subscribers.

What is your suggestion? I found your blog via organic search only, apart from that you have many subscribers coming from Google Plus. Thanks for this awesomely engaging post, Servando! A lot of useful information and things to learn from your case study. I would be interested in knowing if you do all your ads as a general thing of promote your single post?

Hello Charles. I think it was approved automatically. Accept my apologize. I like people who find things nobody did before. I will try it with my blog, at this moment I only have 95 likes, and 30 visits per day but I wrote a lot!! Greatest blog ever!!! You should definetely keep us updated on your facebook ads and fan page posts. I see you make link posts. So I should assume regular picture posts objective is to keep the conversation on fb and link to posts are to bring users to your blog? Images are to keep interaction and Facebook reach based on Edgerank high, so when I publish links, the interaction will be high too, thus resulting in high traffic.

Any link affects in your overall reach. Can I apply this technique on my site? Hello Avadhut. It applies for everyone and everywhere. So take action ASAP. Another great facebook post! Is it cheaper and more beneficial to choose optimize for likes? So always target likes a. Optimized CPM.

I can only put links in to boost the post. Very insightful, I would love if you can do a post on maintaining level of reach on Facebook or direct me to a right resource. I will do it, of course. Hi Servando, Thanks for a step-by-step explanation. I was interested in doing FB ads but had no idea where to start and how to do it.

Wow, great efforts. You have explained it very well and definitely I would like to try out your way. I know success does not get in a single day, but we have to try out of box technics. Certainly it is possible, especially with interesting niche. Investment is very little and if engagement can be achived this can turn into stable traffic. I think the hard part is to chase what works on Facebook, take action and risk to see how it turns out. Good to see that you are making huge impact.

Great job on writing 3. Good work and thanks for sharing. Thanks man! Mostly because I was always worrying about the money spent and the ROI, even for low quantities. So nowadays, if I have an idea, I just plan it and execute it. Liked your way of experimenting and narrating. Learning from experiences is gaining so much. Your email address will not be published.

Learn how you can build your online Empire too! Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Email Address. Loved this article? Enter your email address Don't worry. I hate SPAM. Comments this article is amazing, it makes me feel that I am the reason why you write this article. Awesome article! Hi Servando Silva Damn, am i found this article too late? Hi thank you for your article what is countries tou are targeted??

Hi Silva! Thanks, Rich. Why was it banned? I got 6! Always let the ad run at least for 3 days before canceling it so it adjusts a bit. Because it seems like part of the process of making SEO work for you is picking a good niche. Initially I promote the Fan Page to start building an audience but later I focus on posts. Hope this helps. Can I get as low as 0. Hi Servando, Great post on how to grow niche fan page and website traffic. Hi Servando, I see, if let say i set the budget for 1 day only and it end automatically after time period finished.

Have a great day. Yeah, a paused campaign never does the same. In that case you should focus the objective to website traffic. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Really love and appreciate your website!! Best regards from Germany SK. Hey man, Super cool info! You posted 6 links per day about battles or was it just other random things about that show?

You should delete the website field. Btw, Thanks for answering. Hello Servando. Thanks for this guide. It is very complete. Right now the cost per like for that campaign is 2. Thanks for updating. How much are you spending per day? Hi man Can you please let me know which countries are suitable for cheaper facebook ads and higher cpm for propeller and adsense? Great post. I really appreciate any help you can provide. So you decided to start on that niche but you have no idea on what kind of images you could use? Thank you for this great info how many articles i need before i add google ad to my blog?

I think you saying that our fan page followers are our permanent traffic. Will this have a big impact? I actually just go to the ads manager and create an ad without bosting posts normally. Hi Servando, great article as always! Hi Servando, Can I put on adsense even for a new web site that has posts? Sorry about it, but you get the idea anyways. Hi Servando, am I correct in saying that a super simple way of explaining the process is: 1. Monetize traffic on your niche site with ad networks All good?

Could you give me some idea? Sorry for my poor english!!! Reuse image? Do you mind sharing 1 or 2 writers with these low rates? Preferably, Thanks again, Lloyd. Thanks Lloyd. Best Regards! Thanks again for putting up with my questions. If so how is that even possible? No one would like a page without meaning content on page feed.

Hi Servando: Your passion for the stuff that you are writing really comes out through the quality of your posts, and the effort that you put in to reply to all the comments is infectious. Anyone else tried this and got it to work?? Im thinking its bs. OK i think you said get about likes then things should start bringing in ad rev. Or is this one of those blogs where your sole intention is also just to click on your ads?

I see. It seems alot of money to spend, without knowing for sure it will work. Hope that helps. Hi Servando, thank you for all that informative Article! Thank you very much and kind regards from Germany! For now i just need Visitors so i thought it doesnt matter where there come from. Thanks for your answer Kind regards from Germany! Hi servando, Awesome article! Do you have some programs on sell? Thank yo for your answer. After almost 1 day i got only 14 likes for people reach i pay about 0,15 for 1 like, I am far from your results, do you have any advice? Is that means the picture should to be changed?

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  4. 1. Learn the secret psychology of Facebook.

I understand the target should to be bad, i choose a 2Millions target, is that the problem? But for animes there is not so many targets, how do you manage your target? Or will i get penalized for copyright infringement? Whats the low down on this? If you do want your local business information to stay intact, you can also add a status update with a link to your Facebook page, then pin the status update to the top of the page so it shows in the top left column. Once your Facebook page is locally optimized, you will want to get your page in front of a local audience.

Here are some simple ways to do this:. While Twitter may not have as large of an audience, it does have million active users. It is also much easier to gain followers since you can interact with people without them even following you. Here are some ways to make sure your business gets found by Twitter users in your area. All you have to do is a few minor edits to your Twitter profile. Be sure to include a specific location in your Twitter information as well as a local keyword phrase in your Twitter bio.

This will help anyone searching specifically for local businesses on Twitter to find yours easily. As previously mentioned, remember that on Twitter you can interact with anyone, regardless of whether that person is following you by simply mentioning his or her username in a status update. Once you find some people that fit your targeted, local demographic, be sure to follow them on Twitter. Be sure to actually follow their updates and interact with them. The second part is key if you expect to get any local followers to your Twitter profile in return. Below are suggestions on how you can grow a local audience on LinkedIn.

Also be sure to list locations in your current and past job experiences. LinkedIn only wants you to connect with people in real life as opposed to networks like Twitter, where you are encouraged to follow anyone you are simply interested in. To get more local connections on LinkedIn, be sure to do the following:. Last but not least on the social circuit is Foursquare, the ultimate social network for local businesses.

Foursquare business pages are as locally optimized as they get, so nothing to worry about there. Just be sure to take advantage of adding extra details about your business, including your other social profile links and a link to your website. The best thing you can do on Foursquare is encourage people to check in to your business. One of the top ways of doing this is by offering incentives such as discounts or coupons for people who check in often at your business.

You can offer perks by creating specials for newbies, friends, swarms when lots of people check in during the same time period , loyalty and mayors the person who checks in the most at your location. This is great word-of-mouth marketing as people are more likely to go places their friends have been to or recommended.

Also, be sure to advertise your Foursquare presence and specials on your website so people will know they are getting a great deal when they check in on arrival.

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  5. 1. Choose the right page name.
  6. Increase Website Traffic for Business Success, SEO Tips - WebMatriks.

The following are general tips that suit almost any network that wants to make sure its social media presence is locally optimized and that is ready to build an even larger local audience. To make sure that your local marketing strategies are getting local results, check out the following analytics. Here, you will be able to see if local visitors stay on your site longer than other visitors by analyzing time on site, bounce rate and pages per visit. If you have set up goals on your website, such as a person making a purchase or signing up for your mailing list, you can see if people in particular regions are completing these goals more often than others.

Through analyzing the data, you might find additional regions that you will want to target your local marketing efforts towards. Want to see if you are getting likes from the right audience? If you notice that you are getting more likes outside of your targeted location, you will need to figure out better ways to encourage audience growth in your desired region such as creating more location-specific content or specials on your Facebook page.

If you follow the steps I mentioned above, you should start seeing an increase in foot traffic to your business. The thing to keep in mind when doing local search and social optimization is that it takes time to see the results. It will take months, if not a year, before it really kicks in. Additional menu If you have a local business or one that targets audiences in a specific geo-location, then you will want to move beyond general guides for search and social optimization.

Keyword Research for Local Search Before you can optimize your website, social media profiles or anchor text for link building, you have to know what keywords you want to use. On-Site Optimization for Local Search Once you have your keyword set, the next thing you will want to do is optimize your own website for local search. Regardless, you should still assume that Google might choose your specified title tag to link to your website in search results. Hence, you will want to make sure it not only includes your primary keywords, but your location as well within 70 characters.

Make sure it includes your primary keywords, areas your business serves and phone number, if possible, within characters. Location-Specific Pages Have more than one location but only one website? Create a Geo Sitemap Want to make absolutely sure Google knows where you are? Local Search Directories Once you have optimized your site for local search, you should begin some off-site optimization. The following are seven of the top local search directories.

Google Places The ultimate goal is to have the best Google Places listing. Additional Local Directories Looking for more? Why It Is Important to Claim Your Listings If a business has been around long enough, there is a good chance that the business is already listed with its address and phone number. Here are some tips for getting great social local search reviews.

Do you encourage people who buy from your website to sign up for your mailing list? If so, email people after they have received their purchases and ask them to rate their experience with your business on the business listing of your choice. Most people will be happy to oblige.

See if those websites have resource pages that link out to other businesses similar to yours. Then see if you can strike up a dialogue with the business owner and convince them why they need to have your link listed as a valuable resource to their visitors. See if you can arrange to do a guest post for them or get them to sample your products or services in exchange for a review on their blog.

If they do, invest as an exhibitor or sponsor of the event to get your link on their site as well. Optimizing Your Facebook Page for Local The best way to optimize your Facebook page for a local audience is to make sure it is set up as a Local Business. Connecting with a Local Audience on Facebook Once your Facebook page is locally optimized, you will want to get your page in front of a local audience.

Then use the Invite Friends option to invite friends on your personal profile to become a fan as well. Be sure to invite contacts in your region to get the most targeted audience for your page. Once you become a fan, you will be able to interact with the local business page through commenting on its updates. This will get your business exposure to your target audience and will hopefully lead to new local fans of your page. Select your Facebook page as the Destination for your ad, and then use the local targeting option to show the ad to people only in a specified country, state, province, city, or zip code.

Local Marketing on Twitter While Twitter may not have as large of an audience, it does have million active users. Connecting with a Local Audience on Twitter As previously mentioned, remember that on Twitter you can interact with anyone, regardless of whether that person is following you by simply mentioning his or her username in a status update. Chances are, they might be interested in your business as well. To access this app, go to explore map apps and select Twitter Maps. Zoom into your location on the map and see tweets that were sent in your region.

Connecting with a Local Audience on LinkedIn LinkedIn only wants you to connect with people in real life as opposed to networks like Twitter, where you are encouraged to follow anyone you are simply interested in. LinkedIn will then allow you to invite anyone who is on LinkedIn to your network. Then just include a private message explaining why you want to connect with him or her, e. After you have spent some time engaging with the local groups, you can start connecting with other members. That said, you can go to your connections and filter them by location. Then you can select people in a specific location to email, one or more at a time.

You should probably email everyone individually and in a personalized manner, if possible.